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So is the new homepage like, the facebook homepage of dA?
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Sometimes all Uruha wants is a nice big cock. A cock long enough to choke him and thick enough to make his jaw sore, thats all he wants. Just the thought of getting his mouth on a cock like that, throbbing, covered in his saliva, right there in front of his face, is enough to have Uruha jerking himself off and screaming his release into the darkness of his room every night. 
All that changed when he met Aoi.
Now he has that long, thick cock in front of him, ready to be devoured. All Uruha ever has to do is fall to his knees in front of the brunette and work his hands down the front of the pants that held in his dream come true, his ultimate snack and the only cock he ever wanted to go down on ever again.
"You ready for my cock tonight, baby?"
Uruh laughs at Aoi's words.
"I'm always ready for your cock; I'm fucking starving for it." he replies as he tugs Aoi's pants off - a little rough, but they both like it rough.
Right there in front of him, as beautiful as he could ever imagine, is the most amazing specimen of cock to ever be choked on. And Uruha planned on being choked on it tonight.
"Aoi, please, you know what I need."
At the desperation that leaks through Uruha's voice, Aoi's hand snakes out to take a tight hold on his blonde's hair.
"I do know what you need." he says softly, almost to himself. They're both slipping into that area they reserve for the bedroom, where they let all of their lust just run wild and untamed. "I always know what you need, Uru."
 A soft whimper escapes from Uruha as Aoi tights his grip on his hair with one hand, and takes his cock in hand with the other.
"Open your mouth."
Uruha immediately does as he's told, and Aoi pushes his cock between his lips and down his throat an instant later, with no pausing to let Uruha catch his breath. 
Uruha closes his eyes as Aoi starts to ravage his mouth with his cock; so fucking thick that Uruha needs to focus hard on his breathing if he wants to make this last. Such a big cock, throat fucking him, hard as a fucking rock. The only cock harder was his own, untouched between the two of them, and absolutely aching from how turned on he was. Uruha wasn't going to need to jerk himself off to get that cum squirting out of his cock tonight. Just the thought of Aoi's treatment of him was enough to make him cum, and he had the reality of Aoi right now to get him off.
As gentle and loving they were with each other any other time, it was times like this that really got Aoi turned on to his limit. The feel of Uruha's tongue against his cock, the tightness of his throat around the head of his cock, the sensations were unbelievable. All he wanted to do was cum all down Uruha's throat, enough to fill his mouth up and spill down his lips, down his throat. Sometimes all Aoi wanted to do was coat Uruha with his cum, absolutely paint him with it, and god, Aoi was so close to actually fucking cumming, it was hard to control himself.
Sensing that his lover was close, Uruha allowed his hands to trail up Aoi's legs, digging in with his nails to encourage Aoi to keep going, not to stop his absolutely intoxicating movements.
"Uru, I'm so fucking close, I'm so fucking close, baby."
Uruha digs his nails into Aoi's ass, forcing Aoi to thrust his cock further down his throat, because he too was so fucking close, and so fucking ready to cum.
Desperate sounds coming from above him and the constant, intoxicating feel of Aoi's cock moving in and out of his mouth, Uruha closes his eyes and digs his nails as hard as he can into Aoi's ass, and getting the reaction he wanted. Aoi lets out a harsh gasp as he cums hard, squirting his cum down Uruha's throat with the intensity that comes from cumming more than he ever has in his entire life. Spurred on by Aoi's pleasure and the almost painful tightening of his hand on his hair, Uruha moans around Aoi's cock as he cums himself, strands of his cum reaching the ground between and behind Aoi's legs - the thought of cleaning it up later completely lost on him as he rode out both his and Aoi's orgasms.
Aoi was the first to finish, and he pulls his cock out of Uruha's mouth only to squirt a little more onto the blondes hair, face, and neck.
"God, you're so fucking dirty, Uruha." Aoi gasps, trying to catch his breath. Unable to resist while he was knelt on the ground, Aoi uses his grip on Uruha's hair to tilt the blondes face up so he could smack his cock on it, a few audible slaps that had Uruha's orgasm extend to a few more spasms as a result. "You're so fucking dirty..." 
Licking his lips as he enjoyed Aoi smacking his cock against his face, Uruha opened his eyes to look up as his boyfriend with a smirk.
"Anything for you, baby."
I finally finished the birthday series... I'm sorry it took so long :(
Here's a link to the song I was listening to when I finished it.
Happy late birthday<3 I hope you enjoyed it~
  • Mood: Relief
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
Lost in his arms, in his eyes, in his touch... nothing but the dim light of the moon in their window, perfectly illuminating everything they need to see, and leaving just enogh left to the imagination in the darkness; hands everywhere, memorizing what their eyes can't see.
Soft sighs slip from between Aoi's lips as Uruha draws both his fingers and a lone remaining ice cube along his skin. A smile plays on both of their faces as they take comfort in each other in the dark heat of the night, just enjoying themselves like they have so many nights before.
Every so often, Uruha marvels at their relationship. Who else is able to spend their every waking moment with not only their lover, but their best friend? Not only at home, but at work, out in public, always. Sure, they have some people give them looks or hateful words, but that pales in comparison to the absolute perfection that is always having Aoi by his side. Aoi marvels right now, in this moment, in the soft rays of the moon, in this bed. Against these sheets, this skin, with the wetness of the ice cube and their sweat between the two of them.
Aoi's eyes connect with his in a sleepy gaze, smiling at him through their pleasure, their high. There's so much love in that one look, so much that connects the two of them that isn't physical, that isn't something you can reach out and touch. You can just feel it.
Uruha wouldn't trade it for anything.
AOIxURUHA - In My Arms Pt.3
Finished... hope you like it....
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
At the sensation of a nice chill running down his back, Aoi smiled to himself in his half awake state.
"An icecube, Uru?" he asked as the water trailed across his skin. He heard a soft chuckle.
"Don't deny that it feels good, Aoi." Uruha said teasingly.
Aoi made a small amused sound at Uruha's, a sound that quickly turned to another sigh, his body definitely agreeing to being cooled off in such a way.
The ice cube wasn't the only sensation against his skin, for Uruha's lips soon followed the line of water left behind by the ice cube.
"Don't deny that it feels good, Aoi..." Uruha repeated, his voice a whisper against Aoi's back.
Arching his spine slightly, Aoi sighed again.
"I'm not..."
AOIxURUHA - In My Arms Pt.2
Lost by Anouk is the ultimate song to listen to whenever writing something tender or sad or both. Every time I listen to it, I just... get this urge to write something that'll make me cry. This time it helped me finish a series that I should have finished a month ago, and I'm so sorry it's taken this long.
I finally finished the birthday series... I'm sorry it took so long :(
Here's a link to the song I was listening to when I finished it.
Happy late birthday<3 I hope you enjoyed it~
  • Mood: Relief


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