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I'm :iconjrock1over: and I'm a gigantic fan of jrock fanfiction.


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There he was, a cute young man sitting by the window, his face half buried in a book. He seemed like the typical school-oriented and serious student, though he certainly looked older than a high schooler.
Shou stared. It wasn't polite, but he still stared. It wasn't everyday that you see a guy with makeup on in a cafe. Especially not one where you work.
Eh, I better take his order, Shou thought.
Walking up to the man, Shou asked, "Is there anything that you'd like today?" Startled, the guy jerked and almost dropped his book.
Blushing, he said, "Y-yes, a coffee, please."
Shou couldn't help but smile at the young man's cuteness. He seemed clumsy too, which made him even more adorable.
"Sure. A coffee it is, then." smiled Shou. "Anything else you'd like?"
" I'd like just that for now... S-shou" replied the young man, while staring at the waiter's name tag.
Shou started to walk away, but stopped when he noticed the man's staring. ".... is there anything else?"
"U-uh, my name is Hiroto!" the man blurted out. Shou couldn't help it; he laughed, which made the man blush further.
"Well, Hiroto, if you wait a few minutes for me get off of work, I can sit and share a cup of coffee with you," Shou looked down at his watch, "even though it's 8:27 at night."
If it was possible, Hiroto blushed further. "I-if you want, I could treat you to dinner.... I know this place, it's quiet. I think you'll like it."
"Sure... I'll let you decide, cutie." said Shou, winking at Hiroto as he walked away. "Meet me outside in 20 minutes", and leaving him all alone again.
20 minutes later, there he was, standing against a wall, and waiting for Shou to appear. He started questioning himself, wondering if the plans they had made were even real, and he started to wonder why Shou asked him to wait outside, even though it was obvious that it was freezing cold. Hiroto checked his watch: it read 8:58 P.M., which meant that Shou was taking a while, but Hiroto was still determined to wait some more.
All of the sudden, the door to the cafe flug open and Shou ran out. Spying Hiroto, Shou grabbed his hand and started to run, explaining on the way.
"My boss is mad at me." Shou told Hiroto. "Technically, my shift ends at 11 tonight, but just for you, I'm stopping at 9." Shou looked behind him at Hiroto and winked, giving him a small smile. Hiroto stared at him, not noticing when Shou's boss stormed out of the cafe and stared yelling at their retreating figures.
Is this really happening? Hiroto thought.
(Later - at the resturant)
"Why couldn't you just ask your boss nicely?", said Hiroto, as they both sat down at their indicated table.
"Oh, he's the typical strict boss. That ass never listens." laughed Shou. "Besides. I really wanted to hang out with you... I want to get to know you more."
Hiroto face suddenly turned red. "I-i... Yeah, m-me too." he said, trying to make his blush go away.
"You don't need to be so shy, Hiro. Just act natural." smiled the other, as he took his hand and started carressing it.
Hiroto froze at the feel of Shou's hand on his and Shou laughed. Suddenly, Hiroto gasped.
"I never asked you if you were gay!" he blurted out and none too softly. Hiroto blushed harder as the people next to them glared, and Shou laughed harder.
"Don't worry, I'm perfectly capable of returning your feelings, Hiroto." Shou gripped Hiroto's hand in his. "Ok?"
Hiroto looked at Shou and nodded, still blushing, but getting more comfortable with Shou's hand in his, and when the waiter came with their food, he didn't have to let go.
(Later - walking home)
The road was dark, seeing as though it was 10 at night, and Hiroto was starting to panic as Shou walked him home.
"Pretty night, isn't it?" Shou asked, and almost laughed when Hiroto jumped at the sound of his voice.
Shou was perfectly aware of Hiroto's anxiety, and was waiting to see what he would do about it.
Trying not to trip from nervousness, Hiroto stammered, "Y-yes, it is."
This time, Shou did laugh.
"Hiro-love," he said, taking Hiroto's hand gently, "don't be so nervous. If it happens, it happens."
Hiroto blushed a pretty pink when he realized that Shou knew what he was thinking about. Then he almost choked on suprise when he realized that they were already at his apartment.
"Well, we're here." Shou murmured. They climbed the steps to Hiroto's door.
Standing in front of the enterence to Hiroto's apartment, Shou pulled Hiroto close for a goodbye kiss, convinced that he wouldn't be invited inside. As he leaned in, Hiroto stepped backwards, a look of anxiety on his face.
Shou's stomach dropped as he stepped away. "I'm sorry. I assumed, and - "
Hiroto grabbed his hand and he stopped talking.
"Why don't you give me that kiss inside?" Hiroto asked, looking at him shyly. Shou's heart fluttered and he realized that it was completely and totally captured by the man in front of him.
He smiled. "I'd love to."
Clothes were thrown off in a frenzy. Strewn all over the room, the outfits were forgotten as the two men pressed against each other, lips locked together.
"S-shou..." Hiroto gasped between kisses. "The bedroom..."
They stumbled over to the hallway and laughed when they hit the wall.
"Well, that kinda hurt." Shou groaned against Hiroto's lips. They never broke apart; skin always touching someway or another as they made their way to the bedroom.
Hiroto giggled. "I can think of another thing that hurts." They tumbled onto the bed and kissed, taking their time.
Pulling back slightly, Shou rested his forehead on Hiroto's. "Are we going too fast? I mean, we just met, but I..."
Hiroto pulled him back and kissed him softly. He looked Shou in the eye. "No. I want this." He looked away. "Shou.... you'll be my first."
Shou started to say that it was ok, but the look in Hiroto's eyes had him stopping. "Ever?" he asked. "Not even with a girl?"
Hiroto shook his head. Shou smiled and gathered him up, switching their positions.
The view was different from on top, Hiroto noted. Less trapping.
Shou smiled up at him, hands on his hips. "Is it better from up there?" he asked, and Hiroto smiled.
"Yes." He leaned down to give Shou a kiss, completely at ease and convinced that he was doing the right thing.
Their tongues touched, playing with each other. Shou threaded his hands in Hiroto's hair, deepening the kiss even more and Hiroto moaned, arching to the feel of Shou beneath him.
"Are you ready?" Shou murmured against Hiroto's lips. Hiroto had a flash of panic, but it went away with the knowledge that Shou wouldn't hurt him. He nodded and Shou drew a hand to his mouth, pushing his fingers in. Hiroto sucked on them, watching Shou's eyes darken with lust.
Shou slipped his fingers out of Hiroto's mouth and slid them between Hiroto's thighs, brushing him and finding his enterence. Hiroto took in a shuddering breath as Shou pushed against him, then entered.
The look on Hiroto's face was one of pleasure laced with pain and Shou asked, "Are you ok?" All he got back was a hurried nod.
"Shou, can you....?"
Shou smiled as Hiroto blushed. Pulling his fingers out, he grabbed his hardened length. "Lift yourself up a bit." He instructed. Hiroto obeyed, and Shou placed himself at his enterence. Shou looked up at Hiroto. "You sure?"
Hiroto took a breath, then nodded, and gasped as Shou pushed himself in. He's so big... So much bigger then his fingers, Hiroto thought. He winced at a sudden pang and felt Shou hesitate. "Don't stop!" Hiroto ordered. He lock gazes with Shou, eyes steady and dark.
Shou took a breath and continued to push himself in, not sure whether or not Hiroto could handle this, but all of his doubts disappeared when Hiroto suddenly cried out and ground himself against him.
Oh God, Hiroto thought, what was that? He moaned as Shou gently pulled himself out. And cried out when he slammed himself back in.
Shou wasn't sure whether or not he should have pushed back in so roughly, but the look on Hiroto's face was worth it. He laughed gently and rolled over so Hiroto was on bottom. "Was it good?" he asked, gazing down at Hiroto's flushed face.
Hiroto threaded his hands into Shou's hair, and pulled him down for a kiss, desperate. "Again." he demanded.
Shou kissed him once more before grabbing his legs, pulling them up, and then began thrusting again. Hiroto cried out with each impact, being stretched so it wasn't painful, just blindly pleasurable.
"Feel good?" Shou asked lowly as he continued to fill Hiroto up. He leaned down and kissed Hiroto, feeling him respond in double, fisting his hands in Shou's hair and arching up to meet his thrusts.
Gasping, Hiroto pulled back and dug his nails into Shou's shoulders. "I-I'm close...!" he whimpered, unable to get the breath to say the words loudly. Shou leaned down, pressing Hiroto's legs against the two of them as he re-angled his thrusts.
"Shou..!" Hiroto cried out as his prostate was hit. He bucked against Shou, and climaxed, feeling nothing but the white-hot pleasure, and Shou above him.
Shou let himself go, feeling Hiroto finally give in. He felt Hiroto empty himself all over the two of them, and shuddered as he did the same.
Hiroto laid there, spent. Then suddenly, he rolled over and covered his head.
"Hiro-love? You ok?" Concerned, Shou moved to the side of Hiroto, trying to uncover his face. "Baby, if somethings wrong, please tell - "
"Nothings wrong."
Shou scooted closer, trying to hear the mumble. "What, baby? I'm sorry, I didn't hear you."
Hiroto moved his arm a bit. "Nothing is wrong." He lowered his arm the rest of the way, enough to show a bright red face. "It's just... I can't believe I acted like that." He blushed even further, and buried his face in the bed.
Shou laughed and gathered Hiroto close. "Well, you're gonna have to get used to acting like that if you're gonna keep having sex with me."
Hiroto turned so he could press his face into Shou's chest. "I was... ok? I wasn't bad, or anything?"
"God, no." Shou kissed Hiroto's head. "You were perfect, Hiro-love."
SHOUxHIROTO - The Beginning
Basically the only alice nine fanfiction I have, and it's not written to how I picture Shou and Hiroto. I wrote this a couple years ago, so thats why its written weird.
"I'm jealous of you..."
utA turned around in suprise. "What?"
ryo walked over to him and the mirror they had hanging in their bedroom. The two of them looked into the mirrow together.
"Your hair is longer then mine." ryo confessed. utA looked at him in the mirror and his gaze softened.
"I can get it cut if you want." he said, turning and giving ryo a hug.
"No!" ryo blurted out. "I'm just saying that I'm jealous." He touched utA's hair softly. "Your hair is so soft and pretty..."
utA laughed and hugged ryo tighter. "I love you."
ryo blushed but accepted the hug. He knew that hair length was a stupid thing to be jealous about, but utA's hair was so beautiful; it was so long, and straight, and such a deep black...
ryo let out a deep sigh.
I want hair like that...
utA pulled back from the hug and smiled at ryo, leaning in to give him a soft kiss. ryo's mood instantly brightened.
"I love you too." he whispered.
The reuploading begins. I'll be doing oneshots first, in alphabetical order of bands and names of fics. Thats just because they're saved in oneshot/series folders first, then band folders, and then sorted by name from there.
The sun is bright as I look into it, and I don't bother to try and see because I know you're not there. It hurts, being seperated from you. The sun is a bright red and it blinds me, but still I sing. I cry at the window for the unfairness of having fallen, and I cry for the pain I'm in. We should still be together. I don't know what happened, but you're gone, and I don't know where you are. I need you...
9GBO - Rakujitsu
Short thing done after reading the translation for 9GOATS BLACK OUT's Rakujitsu.

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